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How to Sleep Through the Night with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

January 13, 2020

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Ever since you started suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (a condition where your breathing is repeatedly stopped during the night, forcing you to wake up), you’ve had trouble falling asleep at night, and you’ve been feeling exhausted throughout the day. You know if this keeps up, the lack of sleep could eventually lead to a serious accident on the road, or it could have a dangerous impact on your health. Thus, you’ll need to find treatment for your obstructive sleep apnea in Denver as soon as possible; read on to learn about oral appliance therapy and other possible options.

Wearing an Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea

If you visit a sleep dentist for a breathing-related sleep disorder, they’ll most likely recommend oral appliance therapy. Developed as an alternative for patients that couldn’t tolerate a CPAP machine, an oral appliance is uniquely designed for each patient’s mouth and is worn over the teeth at bedtime. It eases the lower jaw forward in order to keep the tongue and soft palate stable, meaning they won’t fall back and block the airway. (There are also other oral appliances specifically meant to hold the tongue still.)

While you can buy sleep apnea appliances at the store or online, having your appliance created by a dentist will let you enjoy the best possible fit, and you’ll have the benefit of an expert’s oversight to make sure that the treatment is effective. Overall, oral appliance therapy can be an excellent way to increase the quality of your sleep so that you can stay awake and alert throughout your day.

Other Options for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Of course, every patient is in a different situation and may require different kinds of sleep apnea therapy. Here are just a few treatments you may want to investigate:

  • CPAP Therapy: The “traditional” recommendation for sleep apnea, CPAP machines blow a constant stream of air into the airway while you sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, CPAP machines are highly effective, and modern devices are smaller, lighter, and quieter than ever.
  • Position Pillows: Special pillows can be used to elevate your upper body during the night so that the airway doesn’t collapse. Sometimes you might use such pillows to stay comfortable while using CPAP.
  • Changing Your Sleeping Position: Sometimes sleeping on your side can improve your sleep apnea symptoms. If you habitually sleep on your back, it might help to pin a tube sock containing a couple of tennis balls to the back of your pajamas; your sleeping position should change as a result.

Make sure you talk to a sleep dentist before trying any form of sleep apnea treatment. A sleep disorder can have a few different causes, and certain forms of therapy will be more effective in specific situations. Find the best way to overcome your sleep apnea in Denver so that you can enjoy peaceful nights again.

About the Author

About 10 years ago, Dr. Gary Radz learned firsthand how much of a difference oral sleep appliances could make for someone suffering from sleep apnea who couldn’t use a CPAP machine. Since then, he studied the use of oral appliances so that he would be able to help patients at his own practice in Denver. If you have a sleep disorder and want to experience a good night’s sleep again, you can make an appointment at Downtown Denver Sleep Solutions by visiting Dr. Radz’s website or calling (303) 377-5337.

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