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Physician Referrals – Denver

Downtown Denver Sleep Solutions is committed to working with physicians to ensure the proper diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up so that each patient receives the best possible care. You can be confident that the patient you refer to us will have an experienced dental team providing them with the best care that current dental technology can provide. We will provide your patient with the follow-up care required with a sleep appliance as well as insist that they return to you for follow-up sleep studies to confirm the effectiveness of the oral sleep appliance you have prescribed.

Patients you refer to our office will receive a thorough oral examination to assess if they are a candidate for an oral sleep appliance. If you have determined that your mild to moderate apnea would benefit from a sleep appliance, or if you have severe apnea that is CPAP intolerant and need to pursue an alternative therapy, we will assess and treat your patient, keeping you informed of our treatment and progress at all times.

We are happy to have one of our doctors or team members come to your office and discuss with you and your team how an oral sleep appliance works as well as how we will effectively communicate with you and your patients that you refer to us for treatment.

Forms and Contact

Sleep RX Form 

CPAP Intolerance Form

Please fax completed forms to our office at (303) 298-8437