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Welcome to Downtown Denver Sleep Solutions

What Makes Us Different?

Sleep apnea can hurt your health, your productivity, and your relationships – but it doesn’t have to be permanent! Our team has the expertise and dedication needed to help patients get their lives back on track in lasting ways.

Parents with energy to play with their young children thanks to sleep apnea therapy

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment

Where Do I Start?

The journey towards finding a solution for chronic snoring and/or sleep apnea can be a long one, with plenty of bumps along the way. Thankfully, our team-based approach allows us to offer vital support at any stage of the process. Maybe you’re struggling with chronic fatigue and simply searching for information, or maybe you’ve been trying to consistently use a CPAP for months after your diagnosis with no real success. No matter what the circumstances are, we can offer enlightening answers, important education, and real relief when you need it most.

I Can’t Sleep &
I Don’t Know Why

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I’ve Had a Sleep Study.
Now What?

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I Have a CPAP
But Don’t Use It

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Discover Oral Appliances

Proven Solutions for Sleep Apnea

Reclaim Your Life

When your rest keeps getting interrupted by untreated sleep apnea and/or chronic snoring, the effects can bleed over into parts of your daily routine you never expected. By regaining control and sleeping soundly through the night again, our patients are amazed by how much better they feel. Suddenly, they can concentrate on work, get back to their favorite hobbies, and wake up feeling genuinely ready for the day again!

Sleeping Better Leads to:
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Focus
  • Improved Relationships
  • More Productivity
  • Less Stress
  • & More
See How Sleep Apnea Therapy Can Help You
Man and woman enjoying their day thanks to restful night's sleep

Your Sleep Apnea Expert

Helping You Get a
Good Night’s Rest

Dr. Thompson has lived in Colorado since 1976, and his initial spark of interest in dental sleep medicine actually came from personal experience – he suffers from sleep apnea himself. Today, he has completed countless hours of advanced education in this important treatment and successfully treated hundreds of patients who share his struggles. He knows better than anyone that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and he can’t wait to help you find it here at Downtown Denver Sleep Solutions.

Get to Know Dr. Thompson
Denver sleep apnea dentist Glenn Thompson D M D
Glenn Thompson, DMD

Sleep Apnea Therapy Reviews

Kind Words from
Our Patients

“Quality, professional and (most importantly) personal care. They take the time to make sure you understand what’s going on and you feel like part of the family. I have mild to moderate apnea…I got a sleep apnea oral device, and didn’t realize the impact it made until I wasn’t able to use it while I got some major dental work done. Once I got refit and was able to use it again, I could tell a dramatic improvement to my sleep quality. It’s also the only device I’ve been able to comfortably sleep with.”

Nick D., Denver, CO

“Dr. Thompson and Andrea are extremely accommodating and very professional. They go the extra mile to make sure you are receiving the appropriate treatment and they take their results personally. I had mild/moderate sleep apnea and was able to get my snoring cured and am waking up significantly more well rested after their assistance. Highly recommend, you will be taken care of.”

Nick R., Denver, CO

“My wife had enough of the snoring and we both needed a solution to the problem. This team did a fantastic job with the fitting to make my oral device very comfortable. We are both sleeping very soundly. I highly recommend Sleep Solutions!”

Phillip B., Denver, CO
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Oral Appliance Therapy

Say Goodbye
to Your CPAP

While a CPAP machine can effectively curb sleep apnea symptoms, many patients just can’t handle the noises and bulky equipment. Oral appliance therapy is an outstanding, minimally invasive alternative for mild to moderate cases. The custom appliance repositions the jaw to keep your airway clear – and you likely won’t even remember you’re wearing it!

Discover Oral Appliances
Sleep apnea oral appliance

Your Guide to Medical Insurance & Financing


When it comes time to pay, you can rest easy knowing that our team can help make this process simple, predictable, and affordable. We work with major medical insurances and also accept low-interest payment plans for added convenience.

Ask Andrea A Question Explore Your Financial Options
Sleep apnea dentistry assistant and insurance coordinator Andrea
Andrea, Sleep Apnea Assistant & Insurance Coordinator

Downtown Denver Sleep Solutions Clinical Director

Dr. Gary Radz

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Gary Radz has been working with patients and their physicians to provide proven alternatives for people suffering with sleep apnea. As both the Clinical Director of Downtown Denver Sleep Solutions and former Program Director of Sleep Apnea Studies at the Rocky Mountain Dental Institute, Dr. Radz is ready to put his years of experience to work for you.

Get to Know Dr. Radz
Clinical director and Denver sleep apnea dentist Gary Radz D D S
Gary Radz, DDS