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About Downtown Denver Sleep Solutions

Get the Rest
You Deserve

Woman waking feeling rested thanks to sleep apnea therapy

You make it a point to go to bed on time every night, yet you still feel sleepy throughout the day. Your partner keeps complaining about your snoring and even sometimes moves to another room to get away from the noise. You find yourself becoming tired and drifting off at inopportune moments – even while driving. If any of the above symptoms describe you, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from sleep apnea.

One of the most common sleep-related disorders, sleep apnea prevents you from getting enough rest by interrupting your breathing multiple times throughout the night. Not only will your mental faculties suffer as a result (leading to difficulty focusing or remembering things), but the lack of quality sleep will put your health at risk.

The good news is that there’s a solution to sleep apnea and snoring right here in Denver! At Downtown Denver Sleep Solutions, Dr. Glenn Thompson helps patients find relief from their sleepless nights thanks to carefully designed oral appliances. We’ll always give you the individual attention you need, and our smaller size allows us to provide boutique-style care that will help you feel comfortable and cared-for throughout your visit. If you’re tired of living with your constant exhaustion, call us today!

Why is Losing Sleep Dangerous

Exhuasted man with head in his hands

If you only miss out on a full night’s sleep every once in a while, you probably won’t notice any long-term problems. However, what makes sleep apnea dangerous is that it can potentially interrupt your breathing and disrupt your sleep every night. Without the rest that your brain and body need to rejuvenate themselves, you’ll soon find that your health starts to suffer as a result.

Even if you don’t realize that you have sleep apnea, you may find it harder to concentrate on your work during the day. You could also find yourself slipping into depression or experiencing mood swings. These challenges will make living your own life difficult, of course, but they can also damage your relationship with your spouse, affect your employer’s perception of you, and prevent you from being the best parent you can for your child.

The disorder will naturally take a toll on your body as well, and in many cases the damage will take a form you won’t expect. For example, a lack of sleep can throw off the balance of hormones related to appetite. This means you’re likely to eat more than usual without realizing it, leading to sudden weight gain. And since obesity can be a key factor in sleep apnea, the extra weight may make your disorder even worse!

Your short-term health could also be in danger. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that about 72,000 wrecks each year can be linked to driving while sleep deprived. In fact, multiple studies show that a lack of sleep could be even worse for your driving than alcohol!

Why Does Being a Qualified Member of the AADSM Matters?

Woman in dental chair smiling at dentist

When considering your options for sleep apnea treatment, it always helps to check the credentials of those responsible for your care. Dr. Glenn Thompson is proud to be a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, an organization dedicated to treating sleep apnea and snoring. Members are required to undergo advanced training in oral appliance therapy and need to meet high standards of care. As a result, you can be sure that you’re receiving care from a true expert whenever you visit our dental sleep apnea office.

How Treating Sleep Apnea Changes Your Life for the Better

Woman feeling refreshed thanks to sleep apnea therapy

Improved Sleep

Man sleeping soundly thanks to sleep apnea therapy

Sleep apnea forces your body to wake up multiple times during the night, meaning you don’t spend as much time in the deeper stages in the sleep cycle as you should. Once you’ve been successfully treated, you’ll find that it’s much easier to get a full night’s sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning.

Clear Your Mind

Woman awake and refreshed thanks to sleep apnea treatment

Have you been feeling like you just can’t think properly lately? If you don’t get enough rest, you may suffer what’s known as brain fog, leaving you feeling confused or disorganized throughout the day. Sleep apnea can prevent you from getting the sleep necessary for your brain to function properly, but once you’ve undergone oral appliance therapy, you’ll find that it’s easier to remember things and to accomplish a variety of mental tasks.

Stay Awake and Alert

Woman with energy to go for a run thanks to sleep apnea therapy

If you need to finish an important project at work or have a personal goal that you’re working towards, you’re going to need plenty of energy to keep yourself on task. Living with sleep apnea can leave you feeling mentally or physically drained even if you don’t fully realize that it’s happening. Treating the condition can help you keep up the energy you need to accomplish your goals and seize the opportunities that life gives you!

Maintain Healthy Relationships

Happy couple on a date

It’s not easy to be around someone who is forgetful and often in a negative mood, and loud snoring every night could cause your partner to suffer from their own case of sleep deprivation – and naturally, they won’t be too happy with you as a result. Taking care of sleep apnea as quickly as you can could be the key to repairing your strained relationships, and it will make it easier for you to always treat the people closest to you with kindness and patience.

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