What Our Patients are Saying

My fitting went extremely well and felt I made the right decision in going with your team.
Donald G. 10/8/14

OMG…. If the first night is any indication of the future, you tell Gary if he needs investors I ‘m in. You have made a new friend in my wife as well, she said she had a great nights sleep. Jaw felt fine this morning used the second brace for only 10 minutes. Energy level today is great. Let’s see how the jet lag events work. Thanks for checking!!!

I feel their office has always treated me wonderfully and helped and adjusted my device appropriately. Thanks, Patti S.

Kaiser P. referred me to Dr. Radz for an oral sleep appliance as an alternative treatment for sleep apnea (I have been using a CPAP for 2 years and wanted to explore the oral appliance…). The oral appliance would also be more convenient for travel as well as easier to use than the CPAP. The oral sleep appliance is made by Somnodent.

I met primarily with Lori, dental assistant, who worked under the supervision of Dr Radz. Lori was most gracious and welcoming during our office and phone consultations . Her professionalism was demonstrated by her attention to detail in making sure that the impressions were accurate, that the fitting was comfortable and that the adjustments maximized the oral appliance’s effectiveness in treating my sleep apnea.

Lori was responsive to telephone contact regarding my gradual adaptation to effectively using the oral appliance. To be honest, there was doubt as to whether I would be an appropriate candidate for the oral appliance. Nonetheless, I was highly motivated to succeed.

My follow up sleep study had an AHI score of 3.8 with an oxygen level of 90.7. This score is rated as “very good.”

Lori – This is to let you know how appreciative I am of your assistance, along with Dr. Gary Radz, in setting up my use of the SomnoMed dental device for my sleep apnea. This has been a great improvement over the CPAP machine system, and I feel a lot better sleeping. Thanks for the assistance. Myron E

Yes, I am happy to say I’m a success story.
Thank you Dr Radz and Lori for your skill, diligence and patience in providing a successful treatment alternative.

I was supposed to report back with results from my post-dental-appliance sleep study. Great news: I’ve moved from severe sleep apnea to virtually none! My Apnea Hypopnea Index is 3.3/hour – 6.0 on my back, .6 off my back. That’s a far cry from 32, where I was before. I’ll see you at my follow up in a few months.

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